Zeitgeist: The Gears of Revolution

Letters to the Old One 1

Old One-

I do not miss our captivity, but I miss your companionship. Not a day goes by where I do not think about all that you taught me, and of the cruel twist of fate that took you from this world before your time was right. I reflect about the mistakes I made that night, and vow never to repeat them.

I think your child is still well, though I have not seen him in some time. His pack is strong, and to fulfill my debt to him and to you, I have joined with it, despite my being slow to understand the ways of this pack. I have been sent to a large settlement and am now in a large, distasteful building which you would have hated. I do not belong in an office. Where my temporary lodging reminds me of home, this place reminds me of a twisted amalgamation of order and chaos.

I am supposed to protect what is called a steam-ship- the largest in the land. The Coaltongue sets sail this evening, according to the pack leader. He is a strange man, who leers at women and spits at furniture. He does not seem to take his job seriously, which disappoints me. Regardless, one must respect the niceties of this “society,” and I will do what I can to work towards the goal set forth. If not for him, then for the cause your son finds most dear.

I am stationed with 4 others- more of your race, and one of the fey-blooded. I have seen their names while reading what I could of the paperwork available, but to meet them is completely different. Jackson Caine seems a man obsessed with the ins and outs of office life and politics, which of course I find distasteful. However, to each his own, and his skill in this field will no doubt come to be of use in the future. He seems to be amenable to logic, and I hope that he meshes well with our amassed grouping.

Lysander Cernach is quite interesting- despite our not having known each other more than a few hours, he is very helpful with his trade in the alchemical arts. He has already given to me a few items of use, one of which has surely staved back my own end. \I regret raising my voice to him, but I sometimes forget that those who live in these larger settlements sometimes think in a manner very different to that of my own.

Marolyn Vinoshae is a mystery to us all, but I feel that she and I might have one of the closest connection based on our being “outsiders.” She does not waste time or bandy about- she gets straight to the point and does her job well without tolerating nonsense. I wonder how old she is, but it would be far too impolite to inquire.

Jonathan Talmadge is equally a mystery, but that may be perhaps because humans are far too used to each other to notice when things seem…”off.” He is an old soul, and the first to really make an interesting impression. Few can enjoy a moment of quiet in the midst of the chaos of the daily world. His methods and mannerisms are impromptu and sometimes seemingly dangerous, both to himself and others. It would be wise of all of us to keep a close eye on him, both for his benefit and for the rest of the group.

We have been assigned to guard the iron ship, and make sure that nothing untoward happens during the ceremony. Despite our best efforts, I do not think that all has been allayed. We have attempted to waylay what we could, but none of us are as you were in life. I am sure all would have gone well had you been alive and with me to help keep the king of the humans safe. While I do not know if he has earned his title, I cannot forget that mere titles to not make anyone entitled.

Still, for you and your son, I will do what I can to keep your leader safe.

I will meet with you again when the time is right and the all-encompassing blanket of chill covers the world at last.

Yours until the end, always true to the cycle-



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