Zeitgeist: The Gears of Revolution

Mission Report (ongoing)

Risuri Homeland Constabulary

    Office of the Chief Inspector

    Report of the R.H.C. mission on the protection of the R.N.S. Coaltongue

    I. Summary

      1. Three weeks ago, Asst. Chief Inspector Stover Delft was requested to assign a team of constables to ensure the security and stability of the R.N.S. Coaltongue opening ceremony. The team, consisting of Jackson Caine, Lysander Cernach, elf, Jonathan Talmadge, and Marreck was chosen to utilize the constables’ particularly unique backgrounds.
      2. While the physical ramifications of a security breach aboard the Coaltongue would likely be quite minor due to the size and scope of the assigned guard as well as the strength of the warship itself, the public relations crisis that would ensue had the mission failed could have been catastrophic.
      3. Despite the paramount nature of the mission and its publicity, timing of the mission was significant in that the individual team members were introduced and deployed as a group on the eve of the ceremony. The team was briefed on the specific details and risks of the event at that time.

    II. Key Issues

      Security Issues
      4. Asst. Chief Inspector Stover Delft briefed the team on three groups likely to cause potential security risks during the ceremony. The team agreed to split up in order to investigate each group seperately in the interests of the limited time available.
      5. The Dockers were mentioned, as protests against the Coaltongue and rallies in support of worker’s rights had been growing in frequency and intensity as the deployment of the ship approached. A man named Thamas Grimsley was mentioned as an individual of note among the Docker community who might have been planning a violent protest during the ceremony. Constable Marrack volunteered to investigate the group and was able to meet with Grimsley, establishing an agreement of cooperation.
      6. Adherents and priests dedicated to the Old Ways were also thought to be among those who might bring violence, as the ideologies of the faith are often at odds with the interests of industry. Frequent protests against the industrial rise in Flint, and specifically against the Coaltongue had been on the rise in the days leading up to the opening. Constables elf and Talmadge, given their backgrounds, investigated people of interest in the faith, reporting no evidence of violence on behalf of the priests they interviewed. Constable elf also believed the elf, Gale to be a serious enough risk and commendably investigated the matter herself, thankfully finding no evidence of her involvement.
      7. Additionally Inspector Delft noted that a number of Yerasol veterans had been publicly displaying anger and antagonism towards the Coaltongue project out of prejudice against Geoffrey Massarde, the ship’s tiefling chief engineer. Myself and Constable Caine interviewed Massarde at his factory in Parity Lake. The constable’s service during the Yerasol War gave him a unique knowledge of his military brethren and an informed perspective on several security considerations to improve the safety of the ceremony.My experience working under Massarde helped gain access to him and persuaded him to move to the interior of the ship to prevent any agitation from attending veterans, and to remove the ship’s gun ammunition in case of sabotage. We were to determine any evidence of significant violent aggression among the veteran community.

    Addendum: Principal Minister Harkover Lee has requested the presence of myself and my partners aboard the Coaltongue during its maiden voyage. I will extend this report as necessary upon our return.


OSIN NickGuidotti

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