Dragonborn Brute


Infamous bandits from Ber, the lizardfolk brothers were run out of their country and came to Flint, lured by the prospect of a city powered by steam and fire. Valando has turned youthful pyromania and a knack for spellcraft into a grand talent for arson. Eberardo, meanwhile, embraces the natural might of his race, and indeed most people assume he’s a dull brute, when in truth he’s nearly as clever as his wizard brother.

A smooth-talker, Eberardo comes across as a charming leader, but he’s willing to sacrifice allies without qualm in order to get himself and his brother out of trouble. Valando prefers to keep quiet and watch from afar, both on missions and when working with potentially treacherous criminals. After years dodging the law together, they’ve done pretty much any heartless thing to stay alive…



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