Heward Sechim

Alchemist and Owner of Sechim's Alkahest and Etchings


Using wealth he received from his prestigious skyseer uncle Nevard, Heward Sechim spent the past two decades developing a reputation as a crafter of pure and potent acids, a critical component for devices that combine magic and technology. Five years ago he was challenged by his uncle to open a large factory that would treat its workers with respect; most such operations are wretched and dangerous.

Heward has to rein in his natural exuberance for experimentation in order to keep his promise to his uncle. His main business just mass produces liquid acids and corrosive glazes, and he keeps separate his arcanotechnical work-room separate from the main floor, to cut down on the chance of a kid getting incinerated in an incomplete enchanted forge. Indeed, he tends to only have child workers handle cleaning and maintenance, and not work with actual acid. A few times each week, Heward takes the hardest workers out for drinks at the Thinking Man’s Tavern, and he makes a point of keeping the windows open to let out noxious fumes. By Flint standards, the factory is an almost pleasant workplace.


Heward Sechim

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