Royal Homeland Constabulary Badge/Pin


This badge/pin is one that you all receive/start with at the beginning of the game. You are required to wear it when on a mission but you can take it off if you feel it is necessary (like if you are trying to hide).

This item will also grant you certain bonuses (or penalties) throughout the campaign.

What do you think?


The four arrows represent the four major cities in Risur (in order: Slate, Flint, Shale, and Bole). The disc behind the arrows is meant to represent the country, Risur.

The image in the center of the badge is a symbol of the fey. It is said that it is a symbol that wards one against “supernatural” threats. There are other wild tales about what the symbol means though these are often dismissed as silly and/or mad ramblings.

Royal Homeland Constabulary Badge/Pin

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