House Rules

Hello friends! This is here to remind you all of fun meta-game things.

1) Please make sure if you take a feat, spell, abilities, etc. from a source other than the core rulebook (other sources like Ultimate Magic, Ultimate Combat, Inner Sea Magic Guide, to name a few), you run it by me first. As Adam and Joanna can attest, as the mechanics canon grows, the potential for brokenness rises; for me, there is absolutely a positive correlation between the two. To prevent this, just make sure it is approved by me before bringing it to the game.

2) With regard to point #1, I reserve the right to use any “stuff” against you that you would use against me.

3) Try your best to know what abilities, feats, items and spells do. At this point, I may not know what certain things in these newer sourcebooks do and I will rely on you to make sure its all in order.

4) Character creation will use Epic point buy (25 points).

5) People who provide awesome backgrounds and deliver with roleplaying throughout the game will be handsomely rewarded. This can come in many different forms.

6) Do not pick traits during character creation. Instead, choose ONE theme from those listed in the Player’s Guide. Also, try not to repeat what others have choosen, especially at the beginning. We should not have any repeat themes for the whole game but if that does happen we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

7) There are some special race options available, but I suspect most people will choose the standards at the beginning. Aasimars are out at the start of the game. Note that high elves (eladrin) and wood elves are two different races in this game. I’m going to continue to try and refer to them as eladrin at all times but know that eladrin and high elves are the same thing. (Apparently, Pathfinder is not allowed to use the word “eladrin” because it belongs to WotC).

8) Black Tentacles is not a spell option. It’s broken, plain and simple. Some others may also not be options but I’ll leave that open for now. Also, see point #2 ;-).

9) Remember that your character MUST be loyal to Risur at the start of the campaign. No double agents. No extreme sowers of discontent. This does not mean you do not have to be a staunch nationialist. I trust you all to do a good job.

10) Have fun and be ready for epicness!!!!!!!! Seriously.

House Rules

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