Supplemental Character Development Sheet

Supplemental Character Development Sheet

1) How would you describe your character (Physical Appearance, Age, Height, Weight,
Coloration, Ethnicity, etc)?

2) Does your character have any recurring mannerisms or quirks?

3) Significant details about family and childhood?

4) What is the character’s greatest strength?

5) What is the character’s greatest weakness?

6) Does your character have any prejudices (race, social class, etc.)? If so, why?

7) To whom (or what) does your character owe the most loyalty?

8) How religious is your character?

9) Does your character have any heroes?

10) Does your character have any secrets?

11) What does your character do to relax?

12) How does your character approach romantic relationships?

13) What is your character’s favorite possession?

14) How does your character react to a crisis? To combat?

15) What is your character main/ultimate goal in life?

16) What does the character Love, Hate and Fear the Most?

Noteworthy NPCs (include as many as you would like [at least 2 would be great] at minimum provide name, race, age, class, alignment and relationship with you):

(P.S. – this is a good place to put 1-2 people that are your contacts for Adventure 2. You don’t have to, but it will save you some leg work later on.)

Supplemental Character Development Sheet

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