8/26/11: Deities posted in the Wiki. More information on these entities may be revealed during the campaign.


As all of you start/continue to work on your backstories, I want to reiterate an important point made in the Player’s Guide. It reads:

“The second Zeitgeist adventure, The Dying Skyseer, takes place in the city of Flint, as do parts of other adventures. To help players learn about the city, after the end of Adventure One and before the start of Adventure Two, the GM should ask each player to pick two districts and come up with a contact his or her character has in each district. This contact could be a friend or family member, a criminal informant, an ex-girlfriend, a merchant whose shop you frequent, a minor noble who owes you a favor, a religious figure, or many other options. These NPCs help connect the PCs to the city, and will come in handy as they investigate a murder mystery and other threats.”

Your backstory is an ideal place to start developing and/or thinking about who these people could be and will assist me when I work on The Dying Skyseer.

(Remember: I give rewards for good backstories!)

Zeitgeist: The Gears of Revolution

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